EP Anthony Ficalora to grow Lord Danger's talent pool
May 12, 2023

EP Anthony Ficalora to grow Lord Danger's talent pool

LOS ANGELES — Lord Danger (www.lorddanger.com) has signed with Pop-Arts Management, marking the first time the live-action production studio has been represented by a management company. The studio has also tapped former Picrow executive producer Anthony Ficalora, who will drive the Lord Danger’s talent growth. 

Ficalora co-led creative strategy at Picrow and Gifted Youth, working on projects for Skittles, Snickers, Little Caesars and Honda. He brings expertise across genres and industries, from comedy and automotive to lifestyle and documentary. 

“There’s a lot of excitement happening at Lord Danger,” notes Josh Shadid, founder and executive producer. “Anthony’s experience aligns perfectly with our goals, further elevating our brand. Signing with Pop-Arts is a big deal for the team as well. It was critical to us that we independently curated a strong and unique voice, until we were ready for the right external team to step it to the next level, together.” 

Along with its partner studio Modern Logic, Lord Danger is are working with a new team of directors on projects that use AI and realtime engines to create work for Web3, blending traditional-capture filmmaking with the possibilities of the design-first, realtime and traditional animation pipeline.