Editor Ally Gondeck joins Nomad team
November 2, 2023

Editor Ally Gondeck joins Nomad team

NEW YORK CITY — Editorial and VFX company Nomad (www.nomadedit.com) continues to grow with the latest addition of editor Ally Gondeck. A multi-faceted editor, Gondeck has worked on spots for Sony, Lexus, BMW, New Balance, and Tommy Hilfiger, as well as on projects for artists such as Ciara, Camila Cabello, Willow Smith, Yungblud and Big Sean. 

“The art form of editing lies in finding ways to continue to embellish your own voice as well as the director’s,” shares Gondeck. “For me, this happens after I get a first pass down and a piece is starting to shape as an edit rather than a scribbled down assembly. That’s where I feel creative.”

Gondeck’s first project with Nomad is Sabrina Carpenter’s video for “Feather” — a track that has already clocked over 100 million streams. 

“The first cuts of Feather moved at a really fast pace,” she recalls. “When (director) Mia (Barnes) and I were on set, I had something together by the end of the shoot day. The focus was on capturing the nuanced emotions of a glamorous popstar with darker undertones, giving it a cinematic feel rather than a typical music video. Mia’s voice is one I can deeply relate to. Our collaborations make the process all the more special, creating something both novel and unforgettable.”

“Ally is a true powerhouse,” shares Nomad executive producer, Julia Williams. “With a proven track record in commercials and music videos, she seamlessly embodies our commitment to creativity. We’re excited to welcome Ally and are confident she’ll be a key player in our creative culture.”