Music Video: Coco & Breezy, featuring Tara Corosielli —  <I>Just Say</I>
June 14, 2023

Music Video: Coco & Breezy, featuring Tara Corosielli — Just Say

Modern Post ( editor Danielle Schneiderman recently teamed up with director Christelle de Castro to create Coco & Breezy’s Just Say music video, featuring Tara Corosielli. The video invites viewers into a casual house party, filled with dancing and drinking.


Schneiderman cut the video using Adobe Premiere and says she worked to bring her own spin to de Castro’s vision, which was to create a fun and bold release. The project marked the first-time the two collaborated, although they have travelled in similar social circles for a number of years. 

The creative process was driven by trust and a shared excitement to create something fresh and fun. Open to Schneiderman’s creative interpretation of the footage, de Castro put together a teaser to provide a quick snapshot of her vision and then let Schneiderman run with it.

The edit flowed quickly as she worked through the footage, inspired by the diverse cast and dynamic performances. Leaning into the attitude and swagger of the party-goers, she sought to showcase their individual confidence. 

“You get the feeling of wanting to be in every room of this get-together,” says the editor. “Everyone is so cool and present. The idea from the start was that everyone would be welcome at this party, however they showed up.”