Music Video: Jazmin Bean — <I>Terrified</I>
Marc Loftus
October 18, 2023

Music Video: Jazmin Bean — Terrified

London artist Jazmin Bean recently teamed up with director Zak Watson to create the music video for their new track Terrified. Bean, who identifies as non-binary, describes “Terrified” as a love song in which the lyrics explain the anxiety of a relationship having no end point, and the thought that things “might work out.” The artist wanted to capture the feeling that they “are finally safe.”

"Terrified" is the third single off Bean’s upcoming debut album “Traumatic Livelihood,” which is due out in February. In the music video, Bean is dressed as a stylized nurse, who rides a bike throughout the English countryside, picking up fallen stars. Equipped with a First Aid kit, Bean is able to mend the once-bloodied stars, which their join her for a few verses, singing along while sitting on the artist’s lap. Ultimately, the stars return to the night sky where they once again shine brightly.

According to Zak Watson, who co-directed the project with Bean, the team decided to use real-world locations, making use of huge abandoned castles and desolate landscapes. 

“Jazmin orchestrated the look of the stars, making use of a bold Claymation aesthetic,” Watson explains. “The faces were animated by David Leuer and Ri Crawford, and then composited on by 3D artist Oleh Bilobrov. The effect was both cute and oddly unsettling.”

In addition to directing, Watson also served as editor and colorist on the music video, which was shot by Tom Xu.

Jazmin Bean ( will be on tour in the US throughout November and December.

Top photo credit: Jamie Lee Culver