Music Video: Kaliyani — <I>One Earth</I>
Marc Loftus
June 12, 2023

Music Video: Kaliyani — One Earth

LOS ANGELES — Brazilian-born, new-age recording artist Kaliyani released an inspiring single and music video on April 22nd — Earth Day. The One Earth video debuted on YouTube and pays tribute to the beauty of the planet while also encouraging all of humanity to become more conscious stewards. 

One Earth features Kaliyani (aka Jane Gehr) singing outdoors, with autumn colors filling the natural landscape. Intercut with her performance is footage of threatened marine life, pollution and protesters, all of which upset the planet’s natural balance.

Kaliyani met producer, composer, mixer Wolfgang Amadeus ( back in 2011 at the Peace Link Live concert and the two have collaborated on a number of projects since, including past music videos and EPKs. In addition to producing, arranging and mixing the “One Earth” track, Amadeus also shot the music video, as well as edited and color graded it.

The shoot came together very quickly back in October of 2021, as the duo struggled to find a location in California that would provide the desired fall background. They ultimately decided on a shoot near June Lake, and scrambled to get to the location for the shoot before an upcoming storm.
“Basically, within two hours, we scrambled to get stuff together and hopped in a car,” Amadeus recalls. They arrived around 3am, slept and then began prepping for a shoot, scouting nearby locations.

“We drove along the coast and a found little park between the road and lakefront,” he recalls. “We spotted a patch of reeds, though it was a little wet. We captured the moment with exceptional light.”

Kaliyani performed the song three times, and Amadeus captured her performances using an iPhone 13 Pro in cinema mode, mounted to a DJI gimbal. He also shot with a drone, but found it tough to operate in the windy conditions, leaving him with just limited footage that appears later in the video.

Amadeus edited the piece in Blackmagic Design’s Resolve, tweaking the contrast and color as well.

“I love it,” he says of Resolve. “It’s such a great platform. It’s free, basically, but I have the pro version as well. It’s very efficient and easy to get in and out of, and you can get as deep as you want.”

A number of setbacks delayed the video’s release. Ultimately, Kaliyani decided that 2023’s Earth Day would be a fitting target date. The video went through 17 revisions before reaching its final version. 

“We went through many iterations,” recalls Amadeus, noting that they were initially planning to use more stock imagery and less footage of Kaliyani. “When it comes to stock footage, it’s hard to get a flow and not get too shocking — a dead whale, pollution...”

The opening imagery of the Earth was shot by NASA and is available as public-domain material. Other imagery came from Shutter Stock and Adobe. Environmentally-conscious companies, such as Indosole and One Tree Planted, also provided imagery for the effort.

While the project was shot in 4K, it was ultimately delivered in the 1080 format.