Music Video: MØAA — <I>The One</I>
September 20, 2023

Music Video: MØAA — The One

Seattle-based MØAA recently released the video for her new single The One. The track is the second off of her sophomore LP “Jaywalker,” which arrives on October 13th, via WWNBB Records.  

The One was directed by Eric Luck and is meant to visualize the song’s lyrics, which explore the stubbornness and crossing of boundaries that occur in a sick kind of love. The project was shot in the Pacific Northwest and features scenes in an eerie motel room, along with a blissful car ride through a forested rural town, and a quiet sunset while taking a pit stop at a run down gas station.

Luck used a Sony FX3 camera to achieve the cinematic look, pairing it with a variety of lenses, including a Sony GM 24mm, Sony GM 135mm and Tamron 27-70mm. 

The shoot came together over two separate days: one focused on the motel shots in North Bend, and the other centered around the driving shots and the gas station exterior. 

“I also used an old GE VHS camcorder that was made in 1988,” he recalls. “Absolutely loved to include some of those VHS clips in this video. My friend Nic Mayorga assisted for this shoot and did a lot of the VHS shots for this.”

Cory Ingram helped with lighting, setting up colored lights for the motel sequences, which created the look of the business’ neon sign illuminating the window.

“A lot of the strobing was manually controlled by Cory, clicking the light to the beat of the music,” Luck continues.
The edit came together in Adobe Premiere, with Luck delivering the final video two weeks after the final day of shooting.

MØAA ( will be on tour throughout October and November.