New Z by HP workstations announced
February 16, 2023

New Z by HP workstations announced

PALO ALTO, CA — HP Inc. ( just announced its new Z by HP high-performance desktop workstation lineup. The company is also working to advance hybrid workforce management via its HP Anyware Remote System Controller, a device that gives IT departments the management capabilities to support high-performance devices from anywhere.

Complex workflows in industries such as media and entertainment create the need for more compute power to deliver faster results. They also highlight a need to iterate with remote teams and push creative boundaries to deliver more accurate results. The new Z by HP Z4, Z6, Z8 and Z8 Fury desktops are powered by Intel and deliver a scalable balance of CPU and GPU compute performance for new levels of speed, accuracy and creativity.

The latest Z workstation desktops include up to 56 CPU cores and four high-end GPUs in the Z8 Fury G5. The Z4, Z6, Z8 and Z8 Fury provide a variety of configurations to meet every workflow challenge for different market segments. 

The high-end Z8 Fury G5 delivers powerful performance while staying cool and quiet under high-performance workflows. The workstation offers up to 56 cores in a single CPU and up to four high-end double-wide GPUs with 2TB of DDR5 memory, due to single socket technology. This will allow artists to breeze through complex virtual production and VFX projects.

At an event in New York City in early February, HP showcased the Z8 Fury, as well as a commercial that showcases its abilities. HP partnered with The Mill in Los Angeles on the spot, which shows an extreme example of its performance. In the spot, a Z8 Fury workstation is mounted to a desk, along with monitors and a chair, and is then dropped from the back of an airplane, as an artist/skydiver works on a project. The goal was to show that the workstation could render a high-resolution graphic in less time than it would take for the cargo to hit the ground, which was approximately 30 seconds. In reality, the Z8 Fury was able to render the imagery considerably faster than the timeframe allotted, allowing The Mill’s artist to add more detail than initially planned. Once the parachute deployed, the Z8 Fury landed safely in the California desert.

The HP Z4 G5 is designed for machine learning and advanced video editing, with up to a 24-core CPU, two high-end GPUs, and up to 512GB of RAM. The HP Z6 G5 is designed for graphics-intensive workflows, with multiple GPUs based on the increased PCIe expandability of the latest Intel Xeon W-3400 processor architecture. The Z6 G5 can be outfitted with up to 36 processing cores, three high-end graphics cards and 1TB of DDR5 memory.

Rounding out the product family is the HP Z8 G5, which is designed for users involved in CPU-intensive workflows. The Z8 G5 offers accelerated rendering, with realtime ray tracing, while also leaving room for expansion as demands change. The dual-socket workstation is designed to utilize 4th Gen Intel Xeon, and delivers up to 64 system cores, in addition to supporting two high-end graphics cards with 1TB of DDR5 memory.
HP also announced its HP Anyware Remote System Controller, which provides IT administrators with a single dashboard, giving them the ability to launch a kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) session and perform out-out-of-band management tasks, such as pre-boot access, BIOS updates and re-imaging from anywhere. Through a single interface, IT administrators can now manage a fleet of devices, access secure system information, receive reports and develop insights to optimize their infrastructure to resolve issues before they affect users. 
The company is currently taking pre-orders of the Z4, Z6, Z8 and Z8 Fury G5. The HP Anyware Remote System Controller is expected to be available this spring.