Peezy —  <I>No Amiris</I> (featuring Key Glock)
Marc Loftus
August 29, 2023

Peezy — No Amiris (featuring Key Glock)

DETROIT — Rapper Peezy recently released a new music video for his single No Amiris. The release comes via Boyz Entertainment/ Empire and pairs the artist with his longtime friend Key Glock for their first collaboration.

No Amiris marks a new era for Peezy, who is a foundational member of the former Detroit supergroup Team Eastside. The video was directed by Tremaine “Kardiak” Edwards and Diego Cruz, and features Peezy recounting his success in front of a Rolls Royce. Shapely dancers perform around him, and Key Glock later joins him to share his sky-high aspirations.

The video is presented in black & white, a style that Edwards and Cruz feel doesn’t get enough attention. 

“The look and feel it gives off, with the light, really keeps things minimal and lets the audience just focus on what they need to focus on, and that’s what’s on the screen,” explain the directing duo. 

The team adds that they are fans of the minimal approach used in Craig Mack’s Flava In Ya Ear and Pusha T’s Diet Coke, and thought the style would work well for Peezy’s video too. 

“The blur within the video, that was a special lens (by) our cinematographer Jon Charles,” note the directors. “He chose this vintage style lens that really gave a targeted feel and focus to the video, with a super dope stylistic approach.”

The crew used an Arri Alexa for the shoot.

“Tremaine ‘Kardiak’ Edwards and I always look over the videos we do with each artist and try not to do the same thing they’ve already done,” notes Cruz. 

Their goal was to capture imagery that stayed within the artist’s brand and appeal, but hadn’t been represented yet.  

“So when we looked and [said] we could incorporate these elements, and pair them in a cyc wall, and just be able to play with the lights, we knew, ‘OK, let’s do car girls, but why not add a snake, a diamond face woman, a stripper pole?’ We just work well off each other. It’s a perfect sync.”