The Cutting Room debuts Elevated Finishing Service
September 1, 2023

The Cutting Room debuts Elevated Finishing Service

LONDON — The Cutting Room ( has expanded its consulting team and launched a new service that benefits documentary work. The studio’s new “Elevated Finishing Service” offers specialized teams to provide anything from a focused fine tuning pass to a complete overhaul at the final stages of editing.

Photo (L-R): Irwin, Stark and Achonu

The new service integrates the talents of in-house edit consultants, seasoned senior editors, assistant editors and management to collectively enhance the quality of individual films or series and get them across the finish line.

“We introduced our Elevated Finishing Service in response to market demands,” explains managing director Jen Lane. “It satisfies the need for extra hands and fresh eyes to deliver to commissioner expectations.”
The teams work in tandem with the decision-makers to realize their vision and goals, while bringing something extra to the project. The Cutting Room has also expanded its team from six to ten members, adding more capacity and expertise. The team includes Zeb Achonu, BFE (White Nanny Black Child); Jane Greenwood, BFE (Rose Ayling-Ellis: Signs for Change); Ben Stark, BFE (Explorer); and Brett Irwin (Uprising). Other consultants are Danny Collins, BFE; Anna Price, BFE; Kate Spankie; Sean Mackenzie, BFE; Zoe Davis, BFE; and Ferg McGrath, BFE. 

“There are a myriad of reasons a documentary may need our services: changes in access or archive materials, a new editorial direction, shifting schedules or the ever-present talent gap,” explains Ferg McGrath, BFE, who founded The Cutting Room. “This is a new way to address those age-old challenges.”