Vu extends virtual production studio network to Europe
March 14, 2023

Vu extends virtual production studio network to Europe

LONDON — Vū ( is expanding its Vū Studio Network beyond North America by partnering with Cube, a video production agency based in London. Cube Studio (, powered by Vū, is the first European virtual production studio in the Vū Studio Network, and is poised to accelerate the adoption of virtual production services and practices throughout the UK and beyond by leveraging advanced and comprehensive virtual production technologies designed, developed and installed by Vū. 

Every virtual studio that formally partners with Vū becomes a member of what is known as the 'Vū Network.' Being part of this network means that each participating studio’s virtual production capabilities are designed, engineered and purpose-built by Vū. These virtual production stages are branded as ‘Powered by Vū,’ giving them industry credibility and brand association with Vū, and certifying that they are built according to Vū's technology standards and best practices.

Cube Studio is a brand new 6,500-square-foot virtual production studio that will open its doors in April. The studio will provide full service for advertising agencies, production houses, enterprise businesses and film & TV. Located just outside of London, Cube Studio combines LED volume technology with industry-leading game engines, camera-tracking, graphic servers and premium facilities.

The Berkshire-based studio houses a 10.5-by-5.5m LED volume, designed with Unilumin Upad IV LED panels, which feature HDR image quality, a pixel pitch of 2.5mm and new dual drive configuration (DDC) technology, along with Brompton Technology processing to deliver high-end visuals. 

“We’re proud to be joining Vū’s global studio network, and bringing the UK and European markets a state-of-the-art virtual production studio, backed by years of experience and expertise, investment in R&D, and tried and tested technology,” says James Hakesley, CEO of Cube Studio. “Located in the heart of the UK film and TV district, and a stone’s throw from many of the leading agencies, we’re excited to deliver the very latest innovations in production, and position Cube Studio at the forefront of the industry. Together, we’re building the bridge between Europe and America, and setting the global industry standard for virtual production, allowing crews and talent to receive the same premium experience across the Atlantic.”