Wild Capture creating digital humans via volumetric capture
April 27, 2023

Wild Capture creating digital humans via volumetric capture

LOS ANGELES — Wild Capture (wildcapture.io) is using volumetric capture technology to create high-quality digital humans. The company’s Unify Solver turns volumetric footage into standard 3D animated assets that easily integrate into VFX pipelines. Unify Solver automates volumetric video character interaction with the CG world at a fraction of the data footprint, with reductions measuring as much as 90 percent.

The company’s Outfit product is designed to blend digital fashion with the realism of volumetric video by adding CG cloth to animated volumetric models. Outfit is compatible with designs from Marvelous Designer, Clo3D and other popular CG cloth simulation engines.

And Wild Capture’s Cohort Crowd is a software product that allows volumetric performances to be segmented and scattered throughout an environment. Users can create hundreds of randomized characters from a single performance character without duplicating data, making it extremely efficient. It works with Houdini, Maya, Clarisse and Unreal workflows. 

According to Louis Normandin, Wild Capture’s COO, the company employs a SaaS model, and its technology is currently being used on a Netflix film.