<I>Loot</I>: Editor Sue Federman, ACE
June 19, 2024

Loot: Editor Sue Federman, ACE

Apple TV+’s Loot returned for a second season. The comedy follows Molly Wells (Maya Rudolph), who recently settled a very public divorce from tech billionaire John Novak (Adam Scott). She is now focusing on a philanthropic organization - the Wells Foundation - that she had forgotten about.

Editor Sue Federman, ACE, was one of three editors working on Season 2. The editing team all worked remotely, with each taking on every third episode. In Federman’s case, she worked on Episodes 201, 204, 207 and 210. It’s Episode 210 -  “We Shouldn’t Exist” – that she’s submitting for Emmy consideration.

“We used the Avid primarily, but also used Premiere for some of the more complicated temp VFX,” Federman recalls. “The biggest challenge was working remotely and not being able to be on-set or in the production office. Luckily, we had an excellent script supervisor, who shared tons of information from the set, and our showrunners were very accessible for any questions...Not the same as hallway conversations, but I always felt like people were very open and welcoming.”

For Federman, the variety of the show’s characters really appealed to her. 

“Each character has a very specific pace and tone, and most of them go through quite a range of emotions. Molly's hyper wealth versus her personal relationships is the crux of it all. I really enjoyed Episode 204, guest starring Benjamin Bratt. Maya had great chemistry with him and it felt like they truly enjoyed each other. Episode 210 - the season finale - was interesting to edit, with the homage to Eyes Wide Shut, plus Howard and Nicholas drinking too much and dealing with a mysterious phone call from Korea. It's really a lot of fun to get to play with these characters.”