<I>Manhunt</I>: Digital Kitchen creates show open for Apple TV+’s new series
March 18, 2024

Manhunt: Digital Kitchen creates show open for Apple TV+’s new series

LOS ANGELES - Digital Kitchen (www.thisisdk.com) created the main title sequence for Apple TV+’s new series Manhunt. The sequence draws on the tumultuous backdrop of post-Civil War America and the nationwide pursuit of Abraham Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth. 

Manhunt is a seven-part, true-crime limited series based on the bestselling book "Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer" by James L. Swanson. The show was produced by Apple Studios and co-produced by Lionsgate Television.

Digital Kitchen has created a number of notable show opens in the past, including those for Showtime’s Yellowjackets and Dexter, Netflix’s Narcos, Epix’s Godfather of Harlem, and HBO’s True Blood and Six Feet Under. This latest project weaves together archival photos, live-action footage and intricate animations to evoke the essence of the time. 

The studio carefully balanced historical accuracy and artistic interpretation to capture the spirit of the hunt while delving into the complexities of a nation grappling with loss and division.

"We aimed to encapsulate the essence of this momentous period in American history," explains Digital Kitchen creative director Andrew Julien. "Our team delved deep into archival material, working with historical specialists to restore and colorize century-old photographs, and seamlessly integrating them with live-action footage and animation to create a visually-striking narrative."

The main title sequence for Manhunt presented several technical challenges, including the restoration and colorization of archival photographs sourced from The Library of Congress. Additionally, the team developed corrosive effect that was inspired by the traditional daguerreotype photographic process of the mid-1800s. This required meticulous planning and experimentation during shooting to achieve the desired aesthetic.

The Digital Kitchen team used a combination of software tools and production equipment to bring the vision to life over the course of approximately six months, including Adobe After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D and Redshift for animation design and development, and Blackmagic Design’s Cinema cameras for live-action footage.
Manhunt debuted globally on Apple TV+ on Friday, March 15th.