Adobe introduces next generation of collaboration platform
April 9, 2024

Adobe introduces next generation of collaboration platform

SAN JOSE, CA — Adobe ( has introduced V4, an all-new, flexible, fast and intuitive creative collaboration platform that streamlines and simplifies workflows across content creation and production. V4 is designed to meet the complex needs of creative teams delivering personalized content at scale by centralizing feedback, helping to reduce rounds of revisions and accelerating the delivery of media assets. The next generation of is rolling out in beta for Free and Pro customers, and is planned to launch later this year for Team and Enterprise customers. V4 features all-new workflow management capabilities, a dynamic metadata framework and smart folder system called Collections. File transfer, media asset review and approval, sharing and presentations have undergone a complete transformation in V4.

“As the demand for all content types – from video and images to design and documents – continues to skyrocket, the needs of’s community have evolved,” explains Emery Wells, co-founder of and VP, creative product group at Adobe. “Companies, brands and individuals all need one unified platform that streamlines how teams and stakeholders come together to ideate, collaborate and create, no matter the creative project. With all new capabilities that achieve clear, centralized feedback, fewer revisions, and faster delivery of media assets, V4 is a game-changer for all creatives and production teams – offering the space for greater focus to deliver their best work.”

V4 offers an all-new metadata framework, transforming how users interact with assets. Instead of relying solely on a rigid folder structure, users can now tag, organize and view their media based on how their teams work. V4 also introduces Collections, a flexible, realtime and saved view of assets that allows users to dynamically select, filter, group and sort their media using metadata. Additionally, later this year, will be natively integrated with Workfront, enabling a new unified review and approval workflow that can streamline collaboration between cross-functional teams.

A unified and redesigned player architecture now delivers an immersive media viewing experience, with consistent controls across multiple file types. Users will experience more and better ways to share feedback, including an entirely overhauled commenting system that includes over a dozen new features.

V4 consolidates sharing and presentation workflows, delivering a more fluid experience for users to browse, preview and customize – all from a single view. Casting and auditions functionality is improved, allowing users to group audition tapes by character, filter by selects, and display metadata such as agency, agent content and availability. Tasks can also be assigned to select team members to review and provide notes.

There are also improvements for daily footage reviews, allowing users to manage video dailies, and ensure talent and executives see only material relevant to them. is currently integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, and will be available in Adobe Photoshop for Creative Cloud Enterprise customers beginning in May, with support for more Creative Cloud tools and customer segments coming later this year.