Adobe previews generative AI innovations
April 19, 2024

Adobe previews generative AI innovations

SAN JOSE, CA — Adobe ( previewed a number of generative AI innovations within its Premiere Pro software, including those to add or remove objects in a scene, or extending an existing clip. These tools will be powered by a new video model that will join the existing family of Firefly models. Adobe is continuing to develop Firefly AI models in the categories where it has deep domain expertise, such as imaging, video, audio and 3D, and will deeply integrate these models across Creative Cloud and Adobe Express. 

Adobe also previewed its vision for bringing third-party generative AI models directly into Adobe applications, like Premiere Pro. Creative Cloud has always maintained a partner and plug-in ecosystem, and this evolution expands Premiere Pro to help fit any workflow. Early tests have shown how video editors could leverage video generation models from OpenAI and Runway, when integrated in Premiere Pro, to generate B-roll to edit into their projects. They also explored how Pika Labs could be used with the Generative Extend tool to add a few seconds to the end of a shot. And a text-to-video feature will allow users to generate entirely new footage directly within Premiere Pro. Users can simply type text into a prompt or upload reference images. Clips can be used to ideate and create storyboards, or to create B-roll for augmenting live-action footage. 

By delivering new generative AI capabilities, powered by Adobe Firefly and a variety of third-party models, Adobe is giving customers access to a range of new capabilities without having to leave the Premiere Pro workflow that they’re already familiar with.

“Adobe is reimagining every step of video creation and production workflow to give creators new power and flexibility to realize their vision,” explains Ashley Still, senior VP, creative product group at Adobe. “By bringing generative AI innovations deep into core Premiere Pro workflows, we are solving real pain points that video editors experience every day, while giving them more space to focus on their craft.” 

Adobe also announced the upcoming general availability of AI-powered audio workflows in Premiere Pro, including new fade handles, clip badges, dynamic waveforms and AI-based category tagging. Interactive fade handles let editors create custom audio transitions fast by simply dragging clip handles to create audio fades. AI can also automatically tags audio clips as dialogue, music, sound effects or ambience, and add a new icon so editors get one-click access to the right controls for that particular job. The new audio workflow tools will be available in Premiere Pro in May.