Autodesk report suggests industry optimism for AI
April 10, 2024

Autodesk report suggests industry optimism for AI

SAN FRANCISCO — According to the “2024 State of Design & Make” report, released by Autodesk (, leaders from content creation businesses are more confident about their companies’ resilience than last year, and have a surprisingly high level of trust in artificial intelligence. The group largely sees AI as a current tool rather than a futuristic pipe dream, leading to increased investment as they chase the promise of greater productivity and improved sustainability. 
“Design and Make” industries include architecture, engineering and construction; design and manufacturing; and media and entertainment. These industries employ nearly 300 million people worldwide, and by 2027, are expected to represent $30 trillion in value globally. Autodesk’s second annual report reveals the issues and sentiments these industries are facing, with the goal of helping leaders chart a path to the future. 
According to the report’s data, 73 percent of companies that participated believe they are prepared to handle unforeseen economic or geopolitical changes – up 14 points from 2023.  Trust in AI is also on the rise, as more than three in four professionals say they trust AI for their industry. Many have embraced AI to enhance productivity, become more efficient, and to better achieve sustainability goals.

Perception of AI progress is high, with more than half of companies saying that they are approaching or have already achieved their goal of incorporating AI. Nearly all companies say they have taken actions to improve their sustainability.

“While capacity and economic constraints have dominated industry conversations, it’s not surprising to see increased trust and optimism in AI, digital transformation, and sustainability, as our customers aim to be more efficient and cost-effective,” notes Andrew Anagnost, president and CEO, Autodesk. “As the world confronts unprecedented challenges, technology is our most powerful tool for designing and making a better world for all.” 
Businesses report that they are using AI to increase productivity and automate work. In fact, 79 percent of respondents say AI will make their industry more creative, while 78 percent say AI will enhance their industry, with the same number saying they are confident their company will make the right decisions regarding AI. Thirty-nine percent state that AI will help automate mundane and repetitive tasks, and 35 percent believe AI will supplement a skills gap. 
Complete findings of the 2024 State of Design & Make report can be found on the Autodesk website.