Colorfront improves dailies and transcoding tools
April 25, 2024

Colorfront improves dailies and transcoding tools

SANTA MONICA, CA – Colorfront (, the Budapest-based developer of high-performance dailies/transcoding/streaming systems, showed a number of advancements at the April NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Addressing the global surge in HDR-ready displays and devices, along with the demand from content owners to leverage their catalogs of film and TV programming, Colorfront’s Transkoder now offers an efficient and cost-effective way to convert standard SDR assets into Dolby Vision HDR masters with corresponding XML metadata from which Dolby Vision SDR masters can also be created. Transkoder received new tools for converting DCDM/DCP masters to Dolby Vision, auto-detection for bright titles that may need to be managed separately from other content, read/write support for ProRes with alpha channel, and integration support for varying workflows, from fully automated to operator-managed.

Ci Media Cloud, Sony’s collaboration and media management service, has added new ways to streamline production workflows and strengthen nonlinear editing collaboration. Ci has significantly expanded its media processing capabilities with the addition of Colorfront Transkoder direct input into the platform.

The Colorfront Engine has been updated to further optimize color volume remapping and the rendering of extreme colors in new digital cameras, including the Sony Burano and Arri Alexa 35. Along with Colorfront’s own product line, Colorfront Engine is also integrated into AJA’s high-performance FS-HDR and Colorbox convertors for color-managed workflows.

The company has introduced advanced AI vision-analysis tools to assist master QC operations with detecting framing anomalies, dead pixels, bright titles and sparkles. These tools augment the AI capabilities already integrated into Transkoder, such as object detection and speech recognition for multi-language SRT subtitling from audio tracks. New tools have also been developed to help QC operators navigate thousands of AI-detected tags. These features, along with customizable metadata file validation, pre-processing of analysis tasks and automation, combine to deliver improved and more efficient QC logging.

Colorfront’s On-Set Dailies and Express Dailies now support the latest digital camera formats, including Sony Burano and Arri Alexa 35. The solutions also feature augmented capabilities for ACES 1.3 workflows and tools for retiming high-frame-rate clips. On-Set Dailies’ and Express Dailies’ AI tools include the ability to detect dead pixels, sparkles and slate/claps, along with automated metadata extraction for accurate audio sync.