DPA shows compact shotgun microphone
April 23, 2024

DPA shows compact shotgun microphone

DENVER, CO — DPA Microphones (www.dpamicrophones.com) showcased its compact 2017 shotgun microphone at NAB 2024. The 2017 ($995) is known for its durable construction and ease of use, and measures just 7.24 inches in length, making it more compact than many other popular solutions. DPA prioritized versatility with the 2017, creating an easy to set up mic that is well suited for both indoor or outdoor fixed or boom applications. 

The 2017 can endure extreme weather and mechanical impact. The microphone performs in humid conditions and direct rain showers, as well as dry, arid environments. It has been tested for use in settings with temperatures up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit with 90 percent relative humidity, and cold environments as low as -40 decrees Fahrenheit. Featuring a specially-designed capsule that is paired with unique interference tube and microphone grid, the 2017 offers high performance, both on- and off-axis. It has a high degree of off-axis rejection, which permits the main source to stand out. This heavily attenuated off-axis audio is authentic and extremely usable for mixing into the entire soundscape. 

At NAB, DPA also introduced the Air1 universal miniature fur windscreen, which is designed for quick mounting on round, omnidirectional headset or lavalier microphones between 0.1-0.23 inches. The AIR1’s patent-pending design guarantees highly-efficient and consistent wind protection with a great level of acoustic transparency, solving the many wind-related challenges of filming outdoors. 

The effective and uniform wind protection of the Air1 is achieved through the fixed size of the air cavity surrounding the microphone capsule. This provides complete and consistent acoustical transparency that enables it to capture the voice with a high level of intelligibility. Additionally, the sturdy handles at the windscreen opening ensure swift and effortless mounting, as well as perfect placement on the microphone.  

The Air1 rejects wind noise through two consistent layers of wind protection, the first of which is a newly designed acoustic fur. By fine tuning the hair length, material and density, as well as the inner lining, the fur contributes to wind rejection while maintaining high levels of acoustic transparency. The second layer of protection is the air cavity that surrounds the microphone to keep the fur spaced away from the capsule and maintain constant air volume. In addition to being compatible with DPA’s lavaliers and headsets, the Air1 can be used on a wide range of other professional miniature microphones. Two sizing options are also available to fit most major brands’ professional miniature microphones.