Director Angie Su added to Sibling Films roster
February 22, 2024

Director Angie Su added to Sibling Films roster

LOS ANGELES — Chinese-born, LA-based filmmaker Angie Su has joined the roster of directors at Sibling Films ( She brings an unconventional and artistic approach that focuses on resonating with the female experience. 
The appointment follows Su’s 2023 partnership with the production company as part of the Commercial Directors Diversity Program. Her credits include work with internationally-renowned brands and artists, such as Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Huawei, Vivo, cellist Lynn Harrell; Chinese singer, songwriter, and actress, Chris Lee; and Chinese actress/singer Zi Yang. 

Su sees the future of TV ads as driven by emotion. 

“I think commercials are going to be much more experience-oriented,” she notes. “They’ll evolve to be not only visual, but tap into other senses too. My goal is to make a TV commercial that’s totally immersive; tapping into the possibilities of tech in a way that’s really interesting and allows for a truly emotional individual experience.”