Emmy-winning VFX supervisor Joseph Kasparian joins Rodeo FX
May 15, 2024

Emmy-winning VFX supervisor Joseph Kasparian joins Rodeo FX

MONTREAL - Emmy-winner Joseph Kasparian recently joined creative company Rodeo FX (rodeodfx.com) as executive visual effects supervisor. His career spans more than 27 years in the visual effects industry, including a tenure at Hybride.

Kasparian has collaborated on every Star Wars movie and series since 2015. His contributions to The Mandalorian (Season 2) with Lucasfilm earned him an Emmy in 2021. He was also Emmy nominated for Andor (Season 1). Additional credits include pivotal contributions to Jurassic World and Warcraft.

“Constantly reinventing yourself is essential due to the evolution of technology,” says Kasparian. “I've always been forward-thinking, looking ahead to what's next. Rodeo feels like a natural progression for me. It goes beyond visual effects, it’s about entertainment as a whole and how I can share the craft and the knowledge I’ve developed these past 25-plus years with incredible people.”

Kasparian will join Emmy-nominated and VES-winner Ara Khanikian to oversee the company's team of 16 VFX supervisors. Together, they will support CEO Sebastien Moreau and Jordan Soles, VP of development & innovation in maintaining the studio's growth trajectory.