Franck Lambertz to lead Rodeo FX's Paris studio
January 10, 2024

Franck Lambertz to lead Rodeo FX's Paris studio

PARIS — VFX veteran Franck Lambertz has joined the team at Rodeo FX (, where he will lead the recently-opened European location of the creative company. Rodeo FX is best known for its visual effects contributions to Stranger Things and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Lambertz has been working in the industry for 24 years, and has received VES, AEAF and Canes Lions awards for his contributions. As VFX supervisor and head of the location, he will work on projects across the studio’s films & episodics and advertising & experience divisions.

Lambertz career has always oscillated between film and advertising. He collaborated with Hybride on films such as Sin City and Spy Kids by director Robert Rodriguez. In 2005, he joined MPC in London, where he specialized in advertising — a passion that would follow him throughout his career. He took on many new challenges, including the opening of MPC Los Angeles in 2008, MPC Amsterdam in 2013 and MPC Paris in 2015. He also actively participated in the creation of the French section of the Visual Effects Society (VES). 

"Collaborating with an expert like Franck is a real pleasure,” states Sébastien Moreau, founder and CEO of Rodeo FX. “His background in advertising speaks for itself, and he brings an incredible knowledge of the industry, but also a real passion for innovation. We couldn't ask for a better person to help lead this new studio and bring our teams to the forefront of the European scene." 

Rodeo FX's Paris studio opened in June of 2023 and marks the creative company's fifth office, after Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto and Los Angeles. Together, the company’s 900 artists collaborate on productions that include Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon and Monarch: Legacy of Monster for Apple TV+.