KRK releases Rokit Generation Five monitors
March 27, 2024

KRK releases Rokit Generation Five monitors

NASHVILLE — Gibson and KRK ( have introduced the newest addition to KRK’s range of professional audio solutions: the Rokit Generation Five studio monitors. Offered in five-, seven- and eight-inch sizes, these active, two-way studio reference monitors feature three new voicing modes, an enhanced tweeter design and a refreshed LCD. 

Rokit Generation Five monitors were created to meet the needs of musicians, composers, producers and sound engineers by providing the tools needed to reproduce every nuance of a production with a high level of clarity. Among the three voicing is mix mode, which offers a flat frequency and phase response that is well suited for mixing, mastering and critical listening. Create mode provides more inspirational voicing and is best used for writing, producing and casual listening. The focus mode has mid-focused voicing for critical analysis of the midrange band, where vocals and instruments have the most energy. 

The monitors also feature 25 evolved DSP boundary and tuning EQ combinations that help minimize and correct problems in any acoustic environment. Additionally, the newly-designed tweeter benefits from a highly damped acoustic silk dome diaphragm for improved phase performance and an extended frequency range of up to 40 kHz. The units also feature a refreshed, amber-colored LCD DSP interface that simplifies the calibration process with new tuning options. The woofers are KRK’s woven Kevlar aramid fiber cone type that offer high-quality damping and modal breakup control. Class D power amplifiers drive the transducers evenly and efficiently at reduced operating temperatures to ensure maximum transient response and dynamics reproduction for audio integrity during long work sessions.

The Rokit Generation Five like is intended for plug-and-play use, with each pair of monitors coming with a set of isolation wedges for easy setup. Integrated mounting points make it simple to use them with any wall/ceiling mount. Each pair also comes standard with the protective grille installed, while an additional faceplate option without the grille is included to accommodate aesthetic preferences. Pricing for the five-, seven- and eight-inch models is $199, $269 and $319 respectively.