Lightricks introduces AI-driven editing platform LTX Studio
February 28, 2024

Lightricks introduces AI-driven editing platform LTX Studio

CHICAGO — Lightricks has introduced a new generative AI-driven editing platform for video production and filmmaking called LTX Studio. The company already offers several photo and video editing apps, including Facetune, Photoleap and Videoleap. The new platform will enable storytelling to create images, videos, text and sound. Right now, there is a waitlist to access the platform.

LTX Studio leverages Lightricks’ experience in transforming cutting-edge research into practical creative solutions for creators. Using its proprietary algorithms and AI models integrated with the latest in generative AI advances, LTX Studio produces cohesive and consistent visual stories, offering multiple intuitive directorial tools that include script writing, camera control, character consistency and editing. 

Users can storyboard and plan scenes with LTX Studio and then choose, change and customize characters, camera angles and lighting. Changes can be made in near realtime too, helping to realize finished results very quickly.

“LTX Studio opens up a new world for expressing creativity on a larger scale — changing the landscape of video production for creators, filmmakers, studios and marketers,” says Lightricks CEO and co-founder, Zeev Farbman. “The visual stories made by the filmmakers and creators that we selected to first test LTX Studio are deeply inspiring, and demonstrate the powerful capabilities of our new product. We’re thrilled to be on the frontier of this new creative age.”

Those interested in experiencing the AI-driven video platform can go to to preview the creative tool. LTX Studio is being released initially as a free trial and will move to a payment model after its launch on March 27th.