MPA's Trusted Partner Network marks one year since relaunch
Terri Davies
February 6, 2024

MPA's Trusted Partner Network marks one year since relaunch

Over the past year, content security has continued to be a critical concern for individuals, businesses and organizations across the globe. With the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats and rapid growth of content development and distribution, best practices for content security and preparedness have become more vital than ever. At the heart of TPN is a collective mission to keep content secure, and a commitment to flexibility, transparency, value, community and forward momentum for all. It’s been a year since we re-launched TPN, and we’re taking a moment to reflect on the progress we’ve made — both as an initiative and as an industry at large. 

Our approach is straightforward: Don’t overcomplicate security processes and workflows; make our global membership accessible, inclusive and affordable; and help to build an industry culture of content security preparedness. A core focus of TPN has always been raising standards through progress, and our global membership shows that many share our mission and values. 

Along with more systemized and efficient ways for our members to navigate the TPN program and TPN+ platform, crucial updates to the MPA Content Security Best Practices and streamlining the assessment process (both self-assessments and third party), our daily interactions with members and industry supporters continue to fuel the way we enhance TPN.

Alongside our growth, we continue to evolve our initiatives. Members will have the opportunity to participate in community forums and an all-member survey throughout the year, to help us continue to adapt and improve. Our TPN ambassadors are helping to connect our global community by offering extensive industry knowledge and prospective member support in the EMEA, APAC, and LATAM regions. Many of our TPN third-party assessors will also expand their roles in support of TPN to include consulting, advising, testing and remediation planning.
Our TPN membership levels offer us direct insight into the state of content security in our industry — at a scale we have never experienced before. This offers us aggregated data to point to areas of opportunity related to security preparedness by region, service and membership level. We will be sharing more about this in our TPN Annual Report, which will offer aggregated and anonymized data analysis and findings. This analysis will also inform — and help drive — our MPA Content Security Best Practices updates. The TPN data holds immense value, offering us key insights to ensure that we are keeping pace with industry developments. 

We’re aware that many of our members may operate without dedicated security resources, so we’re committed to offering education and training opportunities. Our goal is to help create a culture where it is understood that security is a critical part of the supply chain and everyone’s responsibility. 
As we evolve with the ebbs and flows of our dynamic industry, we look forward to driving increased security awareness, preparedness and capabilities to secure content through its entire lifecycle, ensuring that all members — and our industry — reap the benefits. We extend gratitude to all our members and industry supporters, who have been instrumental in helping us develop our program into the driving force for content security preparedness that it is today. 

Terri Davies is the President of the Motion Picture Association’s (MPA) Trusted Partner Network (