Multi-instrumentalist Zac Colwell joins Sonic Union
April 24, 2024

Multi-instrumentalist Zac Colwell joins Sonic Union

NEW YORK CITY — Multi-instrumentalist, composer and creative director Zac Colwell has joined the team at Sonic Union ( He’s worked extensively in advertising for nearly a decade, collaborating with brands that include Samsung, Lexus and Coke. He also collaborated with Sonic Union on a few projects before coming on board as a creative director. 

“The team at Sonic Union is exemplary in that the partners are also creatives, actively working with clients, which has created a very distinctive culture,” he notes. “There’s a palpable feeling of camaraderie, support and exploration, which is really energizing, and I am looking forward to taking this next step together.”

In addition to his brand work, Colwell leads his own band - Fancy Colors - and is also a founding member of Voyager Collective, Jupiter One, Chappo and The Silver Clouds. He has played and recorded with many artists, singing and performing on saxophones, flute, drums, guitar, bass and keyboards. He has also produced albums for a variety of independent artists, and continues to write and produce his own music.

Originally from Texas, today Colwell lives in New York. He discovered the sonic realm of advertising and joined Nylon as a creative director in 2015. He then worked at Squeak E. Clean Studios before joining Sonic Union. 

“I am so thrilled to have Zac, my longtime friend and colleague, join our Sonic Union family,” notes Halle Petro, Sonic Union’s executive creative director. “He is one of the most prolific musicians I have ever worked with, and it's been a longtime goal to bring him here to enhance our music and creative offerings. Zac’s unique perspective will support our clients as they aim to tackle evolving creative in sound.”