PhantomFX to acquire majority stake in Tippett Studio
March 12, 2024

PhantomFX to acquire majority stake in Tippett Studio

BERKELEY, CA — Oscar-winning filmmaker Phil Tippett’s Tippett Studio ( has entered into an agreement to sell a majority stake to Indian visual effects company PhantomFX ( The deal was announced by Tippett North American CEO, Gary Mundell. 

Tippett Studio, which was responsible for VFX innovations on features such as Jurassic Park and Star Wars, will continue to operate business-as-usual, and will continue to provide high-level VFX and post production services to the major studios, networks and independents in Hollywood. The transaction represents a strategic move for both partners and will be instrumental in furthering innovation, fostering creativity and driving growth for the VFX industry. Offices will continue to be based in the US, Canada, India, Dubai and the UK.  

PhantomFX recognizes the value and prestige of the Tippett name, and plans to retain the moniker as they expand into the western VFX market. A key aspect of the partnership will be PhantomFX collaborating with Phil Tippett and the Tippett team to develop standalone intellectual property (IP). The collaboration aligns with PhantomFX’s vision of fostering creativity and contributing to the storytelling process, further elevating their status within the industry. 

Mundell will stay on in his current role with a seat on the board alongside Cliff McDowell, who has now moved into the COO position for North America. Phil Tippett will continue his involvement with Tippett Studio, having a seat on the board and continuing his creative work in studio. Additionally, Tippett Canada will continue to play a vital role for the company by providing visual effects and storytelling services from north of the border. Tippett Studio and Ultra 8 Pictures announced the launch of Tippett Productions last year, a Canadian-based venture to produce original content. The shingle will continue to create and shepherd new, original film and TV projects from a roster of animation and VFX artists.
Based in India, PhantomFX is a full-service visual effects company with over 650 employees. It is publicly traded on the National Stock Exchange (NSE - EMERGE). They have provided VFX for many popular movie titles, including The Avengers, Joker, Flash, The Walking Dead and Outlander. The company's chairman and managing director is Bejoy Arputharaj.
Tippett Studio’s recent projects include The Book of Boba Fett, The Mandalorian, Locke and Key and Falcon and the Winter Soldier.