Plate Pros showcases photographed & CG 360' car plates
June 17, 2024

Plate Pros showcases photographed & CG 360' car plates

LOS ANGELES — At the recent Cine Gear Expo, production services company Plate Pros showcased their library of pre-stitched car process plates, as well as Sim-Plate, a line of simulated car process plates created entirely in procedurally-generated CGI. Sim-Plate was developed in partnership with Light Sail VR.  

The addition of Sim-Plates to the Plate Pros library allows the company to offer both photographic and fully-CGI process plates to suit a wide range of creative needs. Sim-Plates perform exactly as the company’s pre-stitched array plates and can be used interchangeably on any virtual production or VFX workflow. They are available as 12K or 16K pre-stitched equi-rectangular 360° video files (ProRes and NotchLC), and the plates have the ability to be customized for any season, weather or time of day. Pre-rendered plates from the library will have a price comparable to photographed plates.

Plate Pros also announced the availability of its proprietary translational stabilization system, designed specifically for stabilizing 360-stitched driving process plates. This is a service offered for all of its stitched library plates. The company also introduced specs for its next round of library footage, which will feature everything that the current plates offer, in addition to 16K stitched resolution, 12-bit RAW origination and improved flare control.

At this year’s CineGear, Plate Pros joined forces with ROE Visual, a leading provider of LED creative display products, to demonstrate their new line of RGBW LED panels, which incorporate full-spectrum white diodes for improved color representation for in-camera VFX. They also partnered with Fuse Technical Group to demonstrate their Show Control system and customized playback technology.