Roger creates Bobcat's 'More Than a Machine' campaign
April 24, 2024

Roger creates Bobcat's 'More Than a Machine' campaign

LOS ANGELES — Bobcat Company recently launched a new 360 brand campaign that encourages users of its equipment to build the world they want to live in. Created in partnership with branding and design agency Roger (, the “More Than a Machine” campaign showcases Bobcat customers achieving their passions and entrepreneurial ventures in construction, landscaping and grounds maintenance by using the company’s equipment and services. 

The campaign’s centerpiece is a :90 anthem that provides an overarching showcase of the Bobcat brand and how it helps its community work hard and play hard to get the job done. Voiceover was narrated by Hollywood talent/Bobcat equipment enthusiast Josh Duhamel, who plays Danny McCoy in NBC’s Las Vegas and William Lennox in the Transformers film series. The visuals show how Bobcat’s construction equipment can be used to remove storm-downed trees for emergency responders, as well as carve a BMX course for local youth. In each case, the voiceover states how Bobcat gear is the “ignition to your ambition.” 

“Bobcat is a brand that sees its clientele as more than mere customers; it's a community,” notes Terry Lee, founder/executive creative director of Roger. “We were inspired to discover how deeply they embrace the Bobcat lifestyle in every expression of their brand while putting a premium on featuring actual users and real-life stories alongside genuine depictions of Bobcat equipment in action.” 

For the production, Roger cast and shot eight films over the course of 11 days in Georgia, Texas, Virginia, Colorado and Utah. 

“It was important for us to capture the full scope of the Bobcat community, including the many environments, climates, and landscapes the Bobcat equipment fleet can handle,” explains Lee. “The locations themselves were pivotal to telling the Bobcat story, with each one bringing its own unique character and vibe.”

A series of first-tier spots - The Will, The Thrill and The Experience - spotlight the different ways that Bobcat equipment opens up possibilities for its users. Roger also captured a series of premium still images to be used for print, digital and social campaigns. Roger’s digital division, LoudnClear, spearheaded the effort, crafting original content for 10 social spots that reveal more in-depth stories of the individuals and features of the Bobcat machines.

The studio also enlisted Ethan Walter to score the campaign, weaving in sonic elements from past Bobcat campaigns. The original music blends the sounds of country rock and cinema, accompanied by sound design and Foley recordings of Bobcat machines hard at work.

“We wanted an original score that mixed big epic drums with folk-ish electric instruments to create a warm cinematic landscape that fits the brand,” notes Lee. “Another recipe was how we approached the editorial aspect — purposefully using match-cuts to connect motion and vignettes so everything flowed together.” 

Roger capped off the engagement by providing Bobcat with a brand guide to extend the campaign and create fresh iterations of brand communication for the future. Josiah Taylor, Patrick Nagy, Hans Carrillo edited the package, with Victor Deras assisting. Beachhouse handled the color grade.