SNS enables remote workflows with personal-sized Mod server
May 17, 2024

SNS enables remote workflows with personal-sized Mod server

ST. LOUIS, MO — Studio Network Solutions’ ( Mod Powered By Evo is a complete and compact workflow solution designed to go anywhere its needed while supporting global collaborative workflows. The personal-sized server and cloud edge device lets users bring their entire workflow with them.

MOD comes with high-performance SSDs, unlimited media asset management, proxy generation, cloud backup automations and integration with video editing applications. In addition, the slim, seven-pound device offers secure remote connectivity and other intelligent workflow tools for creative production. 

The EVO Suite of tools are available to an unlimited number of users, and include the ShareBrowser media asset manager, the Slingshot transcode and automation engine; and the Nomad tool for remote editing. The suite helps manage edge-computing tasks, such as transcoding high-resolution media into proxy files and syncing media to remote EVO servers, EVO Cloud and third-party cloud platforms, like AWS, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Wasabi and Backblaze.

In addition to the Evo Suite, Mod has built-in, dual-port 10Gb Ethernet. SNS also provides six months of SNS Cloud VPN for unlimited users, helping to support global workflows.