Sohonet to highlight collaborative workflow solutions at NAB
April 10, 2024

Sohonet to highlight collaborative workflow solutions at NAB

LOS ANGELES — At this month’s NAB Show in Las Vegas, Sohonet ( will showcase a series of technology updates that are designed to streamline collaborative workflows.

ClearView Flex, Sohonet's realtime remote collaboration platform, receives enhanced collaboration features, with audio chat and annotation on iPad, and video presence for web and iPad coming soon. Sohonet will also be featuring ClearView Flex's availability on AWS, in addition to Azure and VMWare, ensuring seamless media collaboration from any private or public cloud environment.

FileRunner, Sohonet's file transfer service, brings advancements aimed at expediting asset distribution, continued enhancements to the UI and UX, and further improved download speeds to ensure continuous access to vital files.

ClearView Pivot, the company’s theatrical-grade review platform, has undergone significant upgrades to streamline installation processes, especially for residential and zero-trust enterprise networks. Setting up Pivot now takes just minutes on both home and corporate networks, while still meeting the rigorous security standards of studios.

ClearView Rush, Sohonet's dailies review platform, gets a major boost, with enhanced executive review capabilities for dailies and cuts. These improvements simplify review workflows across studio teams, enabling smooth collaboration across projects and departments.

And Core, Sohonet's production asset management platform, receives updates tailored for large studios and production companies. Enhancements to the UI and UX on iPad and AppleTV, coupled with improved stability, scale and performance, help to ensure a seamless user experience. 

"We understand the real need for teams to save time and streamline their operations right now, and we're committed to removing the technical complexities that can slow them down,” notes Sohonet CEO, Chuck Parker. “The updates we're launching at NAB 2024 share a common focus: enhancing user experience, optimizing workflow efficiency, and ensuring robust security measures to empower creative professionals."