VFX studio Whiskytree opens new Georgia facility
January 31, 2024

VFX studio Whiskytree opens new Georgia facility

SAN FRANCISCO — Visual effects studio Whiskytree (https://whiskytree.com) has opened a second location in Georgia, situated just outside of Atlanta in Alpharetta. The Whiskytree Southern Corporation will add dozens of new artists and technicians, more than doubling the company’s existing size. The new location will work in tandem with the original San Rafael studio to expand its capabilities and take on new VFX projects for film and television. 

Top photo: Thor Ragnarok

“Georgia is a global hub for the entertainment industry, thanks to incredible support from the state, and a growing infrastructure that can handle some of the largest film and television productions in the world,” explains Jonathan Harb, CEO and founder of Whiskytree. “We had to expand to keep up with the demand for our services, and opening a new location in Georgia that will work directly with productions shooting in the area was the obvious choice.” 

Rogue One

Founded in 2007 by Harb and other veterans from Industrial Light and Magic, Whiskytree has worked on projects that include Thor’s Asgard to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Alderaan. The new office officially opened its doors earlier this month, and is currently hiring a mix of on-site and remote employees. 

Whiskytree recently completed the upgrade of its pipeline to take advantage of cloud computing on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, allowing artists across the country to securely collaborate and iterate on projects. Work can also be instantaneously shared with clients for approvals, edits and general updates, vastly improving turnaround times and collaboration.  

Some of the studio’s most recent work can be seen in the newApple TV+ miniseries Masters of the Air, from producers Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg.