Post HD Newsletter
August 18, 2005


Each episode is shot using Sony 900 HD cameras. Sony HDV HR-V1 cameras are used for trick shots and shots in tight places, as each residence is less than 1,000 square feet.

HDCAM tapes are then digitized at offline quality into Avid Xpress Pro HD systems with 4.8TB of Editshare shared storage. The studio had four editors working around the clock to meet the premiere airdate of August 4th.

For the 3D animated floorplans, Brainbox uses NewTek LightWave 3D software. Adobe After Effects is used to add 2D elements.

Once picture was locked, the show is onlined using an Avid DS HD Nitris system. A final edit is output for sound design and mixing.

While that's taking place, the show is being finished - keying, composing and effects - in the Nitris system. With the mix done, it is again married with the final picture.

Nitris's multi-resolution output features allow the studio to do both a centercut SD and 1080i HD master for the network. Brainbox recently added a new Avid Media Composer Adrenaline HD system, which will be used to post the show as well.

In addition to "Small Space, Big Style," the studio is also posting "Driver X: Race for the Ride," a series of 13 one-hour episodes appearing on the Discovery Channel.