April 14, 2005


NEW YORK – Composer Steve Horowitz (www.thecodeinternational.com) caped off a productive four-year relationship with director Morgan Spurlock by completing an original score for the documentary "Super Size Me." The film, to be released nationwide this spring, follows Spurlock through thirty days of consuming solely McDonald's.

The two men began working together on the MTV reality show "I Bet You Will," but their talents soon spread beyond television.

"When I go to score a film like Morgan's," explains Horowitz, "I want to have a palette that no one else can touch, something beyond switches and knobs. We tried a lot of different music, but what seemed to work best was a folksy down home sound." These tracks, which enhance the voiceover informational portions of the film, sample live drum, bass and guitar tracks from Horowitz's own library.

For the "happy" ending theme, Horowitz virtually recreated his own band "The Code International," allowing the film a "live feel."

"The beauty and miracle of independent film making is the resourcefulness of the personalities of the people involved, like Steve, who have the guts, determination, and skill to pull it off, regardless of the obstacles the face in the process," says Spurlock. "Steve's music is what the picture needed."

Horowitz has also composed original songs for Joe from the children's series "Blue's Clues," as well as "Dora the Explorer." He received a Grammy Award for his work on "True Life Blues, the Songs of Bill Monroe," and a Webby for music and sound design with Nickelodeon Online.