Post HD Newsletter
August 18, 2005


The VertigoXG is VertigoXmedia's full-featured graphics system that provides graphics rendering and playback performance in HD in a single- or dual-channel configuration, with or without HD clip playback. Authoring is performed in Xstudio, a tool for creating data-driven, templated broadcast graphics in HD and SD by simply dragging and dropping from a customizable library of common broadcast elements.

The new VxScaler module adds high-quality upconversion and downconversion capabilities, allowing for simultaneous HD/SD output from a single box. The VxScaler module uses a three-step process that includes motion estimation, de-interlacing, and scaling - all performed at 10-bit YUV 4:2:2 to produce high-quality conversion. With VxScaler installed, the VertigoXG can downconvert an HD source to SD, upconvert SD to HD, capture an SD source as an HD clip for inclusion in an HD project, and capture an HD source as a clip in SD or a different standard.

"The VxScaler module is a boon to existing Vertigo customers who are preparing to make the transition from SD to HD because it is a cost-effective, easily integrated solution that doesn't require the purchase and maintenance of additional external conversion equipment," says VertigoXmedia president/CEO David Wilkins. "It is also an excellent solution for new customers who can now purchase a single solution for character generation with simultaneous HD/SD output."