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Tor Rolf Johansen

Tor Rolf Johansen is Director/DP based in Los Angeles. He can be reached at: tor@torphoto.com.

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  • Review: Final Cut Pro 10.0.3
    Review: Final Cut Pro 10.0.3

    In my opinion, Apple prematurely released Final Cut Pro X this past June. That’s pretty much why I didn’t opt to review it for Post until now.  It just wasn’t ready for prime time.  Nor was ...

    March 28, 2012

  • Review: Nvidia's Quadro 6000
    Review: Nvidia's Quadro 6000

    You don’t know what you’ve been missing until you’ve had a taste of it. That’s what I recently discovered during my evaluation of Nvidia’s flagship graphics card, the Quadro 6000. It’s based on Nvidia ...

    April 5, 2011