Issue: HD - November 2005


WAYNE, NJ - JVC Professional, here, and Sensio, the maker of the S3D-100 stereoscopic video processor, recently teamed up to provide a display solution for high resolution viewing of NBC’s Medium footage prior to airing. Sensio’s technology allows for high-quality distribution and playback of 3D content through conventional 2D channels. JVC’s 3-chip DLA-HD2K projector features the company’s patented Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier (D-ILA) technology that delivers high-resolution images that reproduce the smooth look of film. Its native resolution of 1920 x 1080 makes the DLA-HD2K well suited for HD viewing.

The combination of JVC’s DLA-HD2K projector and Sensio’s 3D expertise provided the directors of the show with extremely high resolution viewing images of the show’s footage prior to editing to assure that the best possible 3D images were included for the November 21st airing of Medium’s 3D episode.

“The demand for 3D is booming,’ says Kirk Hirota, president and CEO, JVC Professional. “Knowing that our D-ILA projectors played at part in this viewing experience is very exciting. We look forward to future opportunities that combine our innovative technologies to provide the highest quality, affordable high-definition 3D experience to date.”

Medium called upon us following the work we did for Robert Rodriguez, who has been using Sensio 3D technology in his post production facilities for years now,” says Sensio president and co-founder Nicholas Routhier. “Robert has also hired us as 3D specialists in his recent projects and is one of our best and earliest supporters.”