Issue: HD - September 2006


SAN DIEGO, CA - Producer/writer/director Chris Cashman recently used JVC’s GY-HD100U Pro HD camcorder to shoot Carts, a dark comedy about a politician who tries to redeem himself be spending six years in purgatory as a cart attendant in a store parking lot. Cashman, who financed the film along with his wife, decided to use the GY-HD100U because of its interchangeable lenses, ability to shoot in 24p and its focus assist feature. 

“We first realized the benefit of the GY-HD100U’s focus assist when we watched the dailies at the end of each shooting day,” says Cashman.  “To be able to see the amount of detail and color makes the production come to life.  The footage looks as though we spent two times as much on the production. The image quality is truly amazing!”

“To our surprise, the dusk shots look just as crisp and well lit as scenes that we captured at noon,” adds Darren Leis, Carts’ director of photography. “The camera’s focus assist feature allowed us to achieve a sharp and clear image. This was especially helpful considering we were shooting in strong sunlight.”