Issue: HD - March 2007


CHICAGO - First off, it's not to be considered a "shoot out" for camera-makers, stresses Gary Adcock. Adcock (pictured), a well-traveled HD consultant who helps elucidate and facilitate institutions interested in HD adoption both here and abroad, is based in Chicago ( He's serving as tech chair for the HD Solutions Track and Director of Photography Workshop at NAB 2007's Post Production Conferences.

Set for April 14 and 15 in Las Vegas, the DP Workshop, produced by FMC (, will explore bourgeoning technology such as tapeless acquisition using both disk drives and card-based media. Joining Adcock in the event will be Sion Michel, ASC (second unit DP on Memiors of a Geisha) and Steve Fracol, SOC camera operator and SteadiCam expert. "Both are incredibly talented imagers," says Adcock, who adds that the three also work together on HD Expos three times a year.

DP Workshop sessions, Adcock says, will include "figuring out what to take in an HDCAM package. You can't have SD glass on an HDCAM shoot. We want to broaden the knowledge base for working pros." Choosing the right package will be facilitated by Tom Fletcher of the remote rental house Fletcher Chicago.

Additional sessions will offer training in new field production techniques, including monitoring, calibrations and collaborative workflow. Another session features industry experts who will compare and contrast the features and benefits of each of today's leading camera models.

Having the cameras themselves on hand at the event is something new. At press time, Adcock has arranged to have on hand: Panasonic's Varicam; Grass Valley's Viper file-based camera; Sony's HDCAM and the Arri D20 file-based camera. The Sony/Panavision Genesis may also be at the event.

"The rapidly-changing arena of HD requires directors and DPs to reevaluate how they work," says Adcock. "The emergence of important new camera technology - including formats, tapeless acquisition, and even entire new workflows - creates a need for good training. The DP conference is aimed and experienced pros who want to learn the latest information as well as interact and network with top professionals in the industry."