Issue: October 1, 2005


You want to be the only game in town, you want to be within the city of New York, you want a view of the Atlantic, oh, and you want to have a bed in shouting distance of your editing system of choice. Come January 2006, you will be one very happy film director.

Julius Nasso, producer of many Steven Seagal films, such as "Marked for Death" and "On Deadly Ground" will open Cinema Nasso Film Studios in Staten Island, one of New York's five boroughs, and just a short hop, skip and a jump from the island of Manhattan.

Cinema Nasso Film Studios will include two feature re-recording stages, an ADR stage with a large green room, 12 sound editorial/design suites, and 12 DVD audio mastering suites.

"It's a boutique-type of a post production facility in the sense that it's more quality than quantity in terms of activity," explains Nasso. "It's a unique shop for one film at a time. In addition to my films, where there is a constant need post production services, it will house specialty A-list directors and editors who would use it for the course of the post production of their film. It would be easy for a director to come do three months at a time. There is a live-in suite, it's on the ocean and it's in the city."

The first film to be posted here will be one of Nasso's own: "King of Sorrow," starring Billy Zane, Michael Madson and Chazz Palminteri. In the past, Nasso has used post houses in Los Angeles, New York and Toronto. This allows him and other filmmakers to take over a place and call it home.

"This isn't something that is going to be running 50 Avid machines," explains Nasso. "It's an exclusive boutique operation that if Oliver Stone or any of the major guys want to take it for three months it has all the amenities. They can bring in their own staff or use ours. Whatever they want to do."

And what about the gear that will be filling the new studio? "Being in the industry for 25 years and being a producer, I have access to many professionals in the industry, so it's tailored toward what we are used to using and what is coming in the future," he explains.

And what kind of interest has he received since the studio's groundbreaking? "I have many, many colleagues that are looking forward to it. People I've worked with in the past for many, many years."