Christine Bunish
Issue: March 1, 2006


Music and sound libraries will be out in force at NAB 2006. FirstCom Music plans to celebrate its 25th anniversary year at the convention where it will showcase one of its composers in a live music session and launch a new library, The Chronicles of Hip-Hop, which reflects the charts and satisfies the growing need for hip-hop in film and TV.

Manhattan Production Music will be premiering All Media Music, a 50-CD collection of largely rock options for which the company has the rights outside of radio. It will also be demo?ing its iPod/iTunes and Web delivery capabilities.

5 Alarm Music's Cassie Lord plans to "evangelize our online system" and introduce two new libraries. Cinema Sounds is a trailer library available in 5.1 surround while the Online Music Library, launching with orchestral tracks, is available only via the Internet.

Sound Ideas will be introducing Twisted Tiger Music II, the second release in that royalty-free library; a new package of royalty-free Headline News Music, which the company got a lot of requests for at the last NAB convention; and its Series 6000 Extension VI sound effects package, which brings that library to a total of 110 CDs.

Also debuting from Sound Ideas will be the Podcasting Production Toolkit, an MP3 library designed for podcasting professionals; a new Production Elements Toolkit, the company's premium production-elements package; plus Club Elements with club and dance-oriented sounds and The Big Whoosh 5 collection of sound-design elements.

Meeting and greeting is a key part of an NAB presence. "Westar is only about five years old so we're toddlers in the industry," says Peter Alexander. "We want to meet clients and spread the word about our library," including its new classical offerings.

Network Music Library "was founded in 1979, but from a marketing and branding perspective we have turned ourselves around," Todd Kern reports. "So we're taking our heritage and history and moving forward with a fresh face, new technologies and great music."