Issue: March 1, 2006


Brokeback Mountain features a moderate tempo two-step selection from New York's DeWolfe Music ( The "I'll Be Gone" track used in the film has a classic country quality to it with a vocal style reminiscent of Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard.
The track can be heard in a scene later in the movie when Ennis Del Mar (Heath Ledger) is riding in a truck with his daughter, Alma Jr. (Kate Mara. DeWolfe created the track, but not specifically for the movie. "I'll Be Gone" was composed by Terry Gadsden and Fred Kinck-Petersen and was first published in 1989. 

Non Stop Music's ( collection can now be searched and downloaded at The music search and download engine combines the look and feel of a physical CD collection with the quick search capabilities and instant gratification of an online library. Visitors to the site now have access to 1,100 CDs with over 35,000 tracks. Each MP3 track can be previewed and downloaded straight to the user's desktop, where it can then be inserted into their project. Users in need of.WAV or .AIFF files can conduct their CUEgle search online, then pull the files from a CUEgle-supplied hard drive. If they choose to use the track, the usual blanket or needle drop licenses apply.

Metro Music Productions in New York City recently released X-Rock, a collection of what the company describes as "extreme, jagged, heart-pounding power rock" tracks. The 12-track collection also includes quieter moments, with ambient pulses and light dramatic atmospheres. Track titles include: Blast Zone, Nuclear Distortion, Shred It, Deep Freeze, Switchblade, Cool Tool, Jersey Dude, Simple Life and Mechanical Man, among others. In addition to speed metal and thrash tracks, the collection offers warm, American, small-town music, as well as alternative rock arrangements. Hear the music online at:

Calabasas, CA-based music production company, MusicBox (, which offers cuts from its original music catalog as well as original compositions, has launched MusicBoxLive, a new search and download tool that gives users online access to its entire library. The MusicBox catalog is available for downloading as either CD-quality AIFF files or as high-resolution MP3 files - all via MusicBoxLive. The tool lets listeners search the catalog using selected moods, genres, tempos, instrumentation and user-definable keywords. When users click on a track name, every related track for that selection will be displayed in a window with descriptions and timings of each piece. When the play button is pushed, users can hear the track in its entirety. All composer and publishing information is also displayed, along with tempo and instrumentation.

Sony ( has added to the Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series, with the release of Volumes 6-10. The five volumes are drawn from Sony Pictures Entertainment's audio archives and are designed for use in any range of productions, including film work. This second box set collection in the Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series of royalty-free sound effects contains over 1,000 sound effects in more than 20 different categories.
Priced just under $400, the collection includes: "Volume 6: Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror"; "Volume 7: Explosions/Combat/Weaponry"; "Volume 8: Backgrounds/Weather"; "Volume 9: Period Effects: Devices/Backgrounds/Combat"; and "Volume 10: Period Effects: Vehicles."