Issue: October 1, 2006



During my trip to IBC in Amsterdam last month, I learned some interesting life lessons: one, the domestically over-priced Heineken is the Budweiser of Holland; two, a “fanny pack” means something COMPLETELY different in the United Kingdom; and, three, the English are infinitely amused that anyone would actually name their daughter Randi. (My parents plead ignorance, by the way. “We just really liked the name. How were we to know?!” they say defensively).

Some other interesting things I picked up over there include seeing the new portable and high-res digital recorder from Codex, which records directly from 2K/4K digital cameras. The company’s Paul Bamborough reports the product can record up to one hour of uncompressed Viper material. He also says there is no single point of failure on the drives and that users can pick what format they want to work in, be it AVI or QuickTime, etc. The product will most likely be available through rental houses, but post studios might purchase just the bottom half of the unit, which can read the remove-able media Diskpacks of the data captured on set.

Another product that created a buzz was the Red One large-format digital camera — which when available could also be used with the Codex recorder. For the first time, Red showed imagery captured with the One, and some like what they saw, like Al Yousif, technical guru at London-based Absolute Post. “I was very impressed with the Red One camera,” he reports. “It's a 4K disk-based camera that shoots 1-120fps and it only costs $18K! They projected the footage they shot using the new camera and it was stunning: quality, range, depth of field and affordable!”

Others were a little more reserved in their judgments, but all agreed that this product will be great if it does what they say it will do for that price point. And the excitement surrounding the camera is good for the industry in general.

And final thoughts about the RAI convention center: Love that they built a beach for attendees. Very thoughtful. And those ladies who just happened to bring bikinis to a trade show in Holland in September? What’s your packing process like? Comfy shoes, map of the show highlighting companies to see, teeny-tiny bathing suit. These bikini-clad “attendees” did give some of those working the show something to look at while crossing from one hall to another. While it wasn’t an added bonus for me and other females in attendance, I do get it; it’s a man thing.