Issue: May 1, 2007


SANTA MONICA, CA – Entity FX recently completed visual effects for the independent film The Air I Breathe, starring Forest Whitaker, Brendan Frasher, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Andy Garcia and Kevin Bacon. The film debuted at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival and is based around an ancient Chinese proverb about life’s four emotional pillars: happiness, pleasure, sorrow and love. An intertwined storyline connects the lives of a businessman, gangster, pop star, crime boss and physician.

Jieho Lee directed the project and Entity FX served as the sole visual effect house on the film, handling 77 shots that range from re-timing effects to creating sophisticated transitions between sequences and periods of time. The studio also handled greenscreen compositing and photoreal CG that included creating an animated butterfly.

Composites for the project were performed using Autodesk Inferno/Flame, while speed changes and re-timing effects were accomplished via a combination of Inferno/Flame and Adobe After Effects.  Autodesk Maya was used for 3D.

While Entity FX regularly handles effects work for commercial and television programs, the studio is seeing an increase in independent film work. In addition to The Air I Breathe, the studio also recently provided visual effects services for West 32nd, an Asian drama that also screened at Tribeca.