Issue: May 1, 2009


If you ask someone about trends these days, it’s nearly impossible not to bring up the economy, since that is the root of most trends these days.

“The industry is very black and white right now,” says Soho Editors CEO David Gater. “You are either winning or you are out… there is no in between. This can be seen all across the industry;  there is no room for mediocrity. If you are not at the top of your game there is no place for you. Shows are being cancelled, facilities are closing their doors, everyone is looking for work. This economy has forced upon us an unavoidable trend… we will just have to see where it leads us.”

Kristen Harold, manager of post training at Soho Editors, has seen a spike in editors and post production professionals looking to stay ahead by getting the proper training and certifications in Final Cut Studio 2. Diversification is key. “Anything to make your resume stand out against the crowd is key in this kind of climate,” she says.

Smoke & Mirrors NY’s creative director, Sean Broughton, is also quick to reference the economy when talking trends. “Things are changing pretty quickly in light of the financial situation, and we are having to adapt our model to fit. A lot of our clients need everything available under one roof now and we are even being asked to direct and edit projects as well as our traditional role of post.”

In 2D they are being asked to do more After Effects design work. “In 3D we are asked to generate photoreal products for a number of clients to replace shooting them. Manufacturing them entirely in post, in every variation, is saving the clients a lot of money.”

He also believes that grading technology has changed completely. “As of September we will be offering the most up-to-date grading facility in NY, an all-new way of transferring and grading both film and digital media. Everything will be scanned at, at least, 2K and every frame shot will be available at any time. It will be interesting to see if there is a return to the old methods once the economy has turned round. I think perhaps not.”

Absolute NY’s executive VP Sally Heath says, “What these dark days and hard times seem to have created is a group of professionals who are now using the leaner budgets and tighter schedules to push themselves, their talent and the technology to the furthest limits. Colleagues and clients are closing ranks on the troubles and finding solutions, which seem to show how the blitz spirit still remains and brings an optimistic tinge to the dull cast of recession-colored America and Britain.”

There is no escaping the economy.