Issue: January 1, 2010


Welcome to 2010… a brand-spanking, shiny new decade. I have high hopes for the industry this year. While it won’t be a sudden change, slowly business will turn around — it’s already begun, according to some of the pros we spoke with for this issue (see our Spots and Agency features on pages 28 & 32).
My New Year’s resolution for ‘10 is to be a better person. So next time I am behind you in line at the drive-up ATM, and you have a cell phone in one hand and a bagel in the other, and you are ever-so-slowly punching those keys with your wrist bone and collecting the money with your lips, I will not be quick to anger. No, I will instead respect the fact that you are using your wrist bones in a very clever way. So happy New Year ATM/cell phone/bagel person. Happy New Year.
Some industry pros were kind enough to share their resolutions with us.
Steve Adams, director of US operations at LA- and Paris-based Buf says, “Since I always break my resolutions, this year I resolve to eat more and exercise less!”
Chris Nelson, editor of AMC’s Mad Men and ABC’s Lost offers up this editing-related resolution: “The only rule is, there are no rules!” His life-related resolution is, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”
Carrie Shanahan, an editor at Crash + Sue’s in Minneapolis, resolves “to juggle work and my new baby. Not literally — I know you should never juggle a baby.”
Shanahan’s colleague, VFX artist Matt Sattler,  resolves to teach himself how to dunk a basketball. “My former career consisted of nine years of bench-riding throughout grade school and high school. The memory and remaining splinters have haunted me for too long. Time to stick it to my former coaches, wherever they are. Seriously, this WILL happen. Hope the office doesn’t mind me walking around in Katapult shoes for the next year. It’s go time, Sally!”
And another Crash + Sue employee weighs in: media controller Matthew W. Sandvik “plans to have a 30-percent increase in dementia by the second quarter.”
Here is Quantel’s Roger Thornton and his New Year’s resolution: “It’s simply to achieve a 40-year ambition and finally master the second solo in Crossroads!”
Have a great 2010 everyone!