Issue: June 1, 2010


At the end of June, Post Magazine will be unveiling its new Website. A long time in the making, this site is designed to be a daily destination for news, reviews, videos of the hottest work, tutorials, industry blogs and more. Our new design is clean and easy to navigate. I think you will be pleased with what we’ve done.

Since I am on the topic of the Web, let’s stay there. While I’ve touched on how social media sites are affecting the way we communicate and do business before in this space, it’s time to revisit. While Facebook might have been created as a way to reconnect with people you knew when you were seven and never kept in touch with because you had very little in common, it has evolved into so much more for our industry and businesses in general.

For example, new films are being promoted on Facebook. A visit to the official site of Shrek Forever After invites you to “Like Us” on Facebook. And as of this writing 759,917 people do like it. They also comment on the messages that DreamWorks puts up about the film and its surrounding merchandise. What an awesome — and free — way to promote stuff.

The makers of the TV series Lost have a page , and after a posting about how the series finale was wrapping up on the East Coast, they promoted the cast appearing on Kimmel that night — 18, 366 people liked this and 16,704 commented on the series’ end.

Post houses in our industry are also using social networking to their advantage. “We view Facebook as an interesting way for our community of people to connect directly and personally with people who are interested in learning more about who we are and what we do,” explains Christian Hellum, VP of communications at CSS Studios, which includes Todd-AO and Soundelux. “One thing we have learned from this exercise is that some independent filmmakers are still unaware that a major sound company like Todd-AO also provides services to smaller, independent films. We hope to continue to educate emerging filmmakers as to our willingness to work with them — and a social networking platform, such as Facebook, is a great and non-intimidating way for filmmakers to begin to connect with us.”

Post Magazine also has a presence on Facebook, and Twitter, and we use it as a way to get our news out to you instantaneously. We also use it as a way to monitor what people are doing, what trends are evolving and to create a community around the brand.