Editor's Letter: Who will get Oscar's attention?
Issue: January 1, 2011

Editor's Letter: Who will get Oscar's attention?

I’d like to begin this column with a hearty, Happy New Year! Let’s hope that 2011 finds more studios hosting more work in 2011. While we lost some great ones, most recently Asylum VFX, we have seen some growth and expansion, and we hope there is more to come.

Most pros I’ve spoken with recently say they are busy. They have found ways to add services without adding overhead, and they have adopted new ways of doing business. See Dashing’s Rob Moggach discuss his new studio’s business plan in our “VFX for Spots” feature on page 28. 

A big topic this time of year is the Oscars, and Post, in addition to hosting a special section on our new Website, offers our “Best Bets” feature this month on page 22. Iain Blair, who has interviewed countless Oscar winners for Post Magazine, tackles the films and filmmakers most likely to garner attention from the Academy.

Michael Tronick, editor of The Green Hornet (our cover story this month, see page 18) took time out of his busy schedule to share his Oscar picks. “For Best Cinematography, Roger Deakins’ work on True Grit is exceptional, as usual. I had the good fortune to see a film print at the Motion Picture Academy’s Goldwyn Theater,” explains Tronick. “Deakins’ true gift is enveloping the audience in any era the movie takes place, and capturing the Old West for this film is no exception. Choices from wide, expansive landscapes to subtle choices in lighting more intimate shots are always consistent with good storytelling and keeping the audience engaged. 

“The Coen brothers have a gift for remarkable and memorable characters, and Deakins’ work enhances each performers unique contributions to the story. It’s like comfort food; you enjoy every morsel.”

From the audio post world, Rex Recker, mixer/partner at New York’s AudioEngine, offers this: “The Social Network is the slam dunk winner for a Best Picture nomination. The movie deals with big ideas in an extremely entertaining way. Nobody can tackle the important issues of contemporary culture like David Fincher. He should also get a nod for a Best Director nomination.”

Who are your favorites? Share them with Post and we’ll run them online!