AJA's Kona 3 part of 'John Carter' workflow
Issue: July 1, 2011

AJA's Kona 3 part of 'John Carter' workflow

BURBANK — AJA Video Systems’s Kona 3 digital video I/O cards are being used by the picture and visual effects editorial teams that are working on Walt Disney Pictures 2012 release, John Carter. The cards are being used to streamline editorial processes and facilitate reviews.


John Carter is a 3D live action, sci-fi film set to hit theatres next March. Directed by Andrew Stanton ( Wall-E, Finding Nemo), the film’s story takes place on the mysterious and exotic planet of Barsoom. Former military captain John Carter (played by Taylor Kitsch) is transported to the planet where he becomes embroiled in a conflict amongst its inhabitants. The survival of Barsoom and its people rests in his hands. 

Eric Zumbrunnen is editing the film, and Erik Jessen is serving as first assistant editor. Jeff Stone, Toby Lloyd, Ben McCambridge and Lindsey Morrow are all acting as assistant editors, working in Berkeley, CA. Visual effects editor Laura Jennings is working in London. The team is using Kona 3 capture and playback cards to streamline editorial workflows and reviews. Both locations use Kona 3s to capture media from HDCAM SR for editing in the Apple ProRes format on Final Cut Pro, as well as for playback and review on client monitors. 

Jessen and his team also set up a system at Walt Disney Pictures in Burbank, where a Kona 3 card is used to facilitate studio-side reviews. “They have a Mac Pro system with Kona 3, and we just come down with the media and transfer it to the Mac Pro, which drives a Christie 2K projector,” he explains. “It looks great and couldn’t be any easier.”

AJA’s Hi5 Mini-Converters are also part of the editorial workflow. They are being used to convert HD-SDI to HDMI