SWOT: BigStar's Josh Norton looks at Branding trends
Josh Norton
Issue: December 1, 2012

SWOT: BigStar's Josh Norton looks at Branding trends

STRENGTHS: “New brands and looks will emerge, and new stories will be told that address climate, politics and economics.”

WEAKNESSES: “Meanwhile, lasting brands are questioning themselves. Some are throwing away perfectly effective design and communication just to have something new. Our desire to keep up with technology and trends has encouraged brands to refresh often and in some cases, step away from solid, timeless design. I believe the lifetime of television and entertainment brands is constantly becoming shorter…are networks going to re-brand every season? Is that a good thing? It’s still about great stories and design, right?”

OPPORTUNITIES: “In looking to redefine and remain current, many brands will be updated, creating more work for design and production studios. This means more work will be granted and greater risks taken. For brands that have been reluctant to evolve, this advent may encourage them to step into the 21st Century.”

THREATS: “The empty promise of perceived change: perhaps it’s the same old stories, the same archetypes, and the same outcomes, just with a new veneer.”

OUTLOOK FOR 2013: “I see 2013 as ‘a time of perceived change’ or faux beginnings. There is so much apparent change happening across the nation and our globe in terms of politics, climate, environmental awareness, economics and technology. Perhaps we are at a tipping point? As an industry of the moment, we feel an increasing need to redefine what’s now and what’s next. So how does this translate into brand development & content creation?”

Josh Norton is the President/Executive Creative Director of BigStar (www.bgstr.com) in NYC.