SWOT: Roger's Drew Neujahr reflects on the Design Business
Drew Neujahr
Issue: December 1, 2012

SWOT: Roger's Drew Neujahr reflects on the Design Business

STRENGTHS: “The motion graphics industry has broken open in a way that allows people to see past the constraints of what you have on your reel. As the industry grows, clients and brands are becoming savvy enough to recognize what sensibilities you can offer as a creative. We're not just making things on computers. We're shooting things, building things out of cardboard, drawing and writing.” 

WEAKNESSES: “With the expansion of the industry and the accessibility of technology, a lot more cooks have entered the kitchen. It's great to have all of the different voices creating great work, but it takes away from the process of creating when so many resources go towards competing for the work itself.”

OPPORTUNITIES: “Opportunities are everywhere in this business. Even as people talk about the demise of the broadcast commercial, there is always a need for compelling moving imagery and content. From digital to mobile apps to streaming video, there are more platforms for showcasing content than ever before. Design drives our society. Great ideas are still — and always will be — king, and we're in the ideas business.”

THREATS: “As in many industries, one big threat is outsourcing. It's not as much of a threat business-wise as much as it is a threat to the creative process. The more the creative process is farmed out to different people around the world, the more a studio becomes a management facility and less a creative entity.”

OUTLOOK FOR 2013: “Every year is increasingly exciting with emerging camera technology and expanded 3D capabilities. The industry as a whole will see the emergence of some new players, and great work being produced by veteran studios as always. With many networks moving to streaming and digital feeds, I suspect that will continue to emerge as a new market for promos and advertising. If we could predict the future, we'd probably do that professionally. Part of the fun is not knowing what's coming next.”

Drew Neujahr is Executive Producer at LA-based Roger (www.roger.tv).